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India's Trusted Integrated Service Provider

What started as a dreams 33 years ago, is now a force to reckon with APS Group is a leading Security Company, Facility Management Company, HR Outsourcing Company and Homeland Security. Surveillance Company and is now a Innovation Hub with APS Business Incubator.

APS Group, which is now a leading Integrated Service Provider of India, was started from humble beginning. The vision & perseverance of one man changed the shape of several industries. What seemed as obsession at one point in time, is now a reality! This all started from a Tin Shed office & a vespa scooter & a passion to create Solution for problems. We invite you to be a part of such an obsession. Navigate the Solution Segments

Anil Puri

Mr. Anil Puri

APS Group Founder & Chairman
Never underestimate the power of your dreams

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Best Security Company of the Year 2018 - CAPSI

The company has earned large number of Honours, awards and accolades which Include:-
CAPSI, Security company of the year 2018 .

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Security Personality of 2019

Mr. Anil Puri, the CMD was declared the Security Personality of the Year 2019 by CAPSI and was given the India Achiever’s Award for Business Leadership in the year 2020.

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Best Security Company Pan India 2019-2020 - JLL

Various Clients have also recognized us as The Best Security Company amongst their Security Partners.

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Best Security Company 2021 – Max Life Insurance

APS also figured on the cover page of the Business Connect Magazine, August 21 as The Best Company Culture Example to inspire Business Communities


APS is known to be one of the few companies which have managed to ensure statutory compliances in spite of the cash crunch impacting Private Security Agencies.

The situation has got accentuated In the absence of application of Reverse Charge Mechanism to the entire industry

In fact, work especially of MNC clients has been shifting to us due to defaulting existing service provider.

Road Map


APS GROUP was incorporated with forming of AP Securitas Pvt. Ltd.

First Cash Van in India.
1st Private Bullet Proof Vehicle in India & Entered CIT Industry (Created SECURITRAN).
Entered Records Management Industry (Created Peninsula Data Secure) & HR Outsourcing Industry (Created Peninsula Management Services)
Entered Telecom Sector (Created APS Telecom).
Entered Facility Management Industry with Acquisition (Proton).
Entered Homeland Security Industry (Created APS Elite) & Acquired Zeus Housekeeping Company.
Divested SECURITRANS To Blackstone through CMS (Deal approx. 250 Cr.) & APS Group Strategy Re-aligned
M&A strategy implemented, leading to further growth.
Brand ‘APS’ revamped & launched.
Smart APS®’ launched/ Genesis and SSMS Companies were acquired.
2016 to 2021
Journey Continues...