APS System is one of the leading Electronics Security Equipment Dealers and Suppliers in India. The team consists of dedicated professionals engaged in execution of all kinds of electronic security solutions & surveillance systems, from concept to commissioning stage of the project. Since 2005, the company has widened its product base and is currently involved in System Engineering, Designing, Supplying & Commissioning of Electrical & Electronic Systems including Security Electric Equipments & Allied Systems for Projects like Shopping Malls, Commercial Apartment, Residential Apartments, Supermarkets, Departmental Stores, Shopping Complex etc.

Command Center

A state of art Command Center operates round the clock 24/7 control such activities (MRTs & RPs) besides providing Emergency Response by Technological means or by providing QRTs (Quick Response Teams)

  • Automated Intimation on each alarm to the client
  • QRT (Alpha Team) is dispatched to the client site as per TAT
  • QRT updates the Command Center with Site Report (Online)
  • Command Center intimates the client with the incident
          report (Email/Phone/SMS)
  • If more assistance is needed, then BCPT (Bravo Team) is dispatched
          to the site (On Demand)
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Surveillance Solution
  1. CCTV Camera, Fixed Dome Camera, Speed Dome Camera, PTZ Camera, Long Range Mega Pixel Camera, Day/ Night Dome Camera, Vary Focal Camera, IP Camera, Wireless Camera, Mini Camera.
  2. DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER: 4/8/16/32 Channel High Resolution Quality DVR& Network Video Recorder.
  3. SOFTWARE: Single/ Multi Location, Remote Viewing Software, CCTV Monitoring through Mobile phone Integration.
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  1. Track, Record, and deter access throughout your organization with APS Access Control Solutions.
  2. Solutions for monitoring employee time & attendance information through Biometric Systems, Retina Scanners.
  3. Consulting & building comprehensive fencing solutions by restricting access to sensitive areas& installing Intrusion Alarm Systems.
  1. Creating comprehensive plans for Fire Detection & Prevention Systems
  2. Installation of the Smoke Alarms, Fire Alarm Panels, FM 200 etc.
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  1. Intrusion Detection systems.
  2. Parking Management Systems.
  3. Baggage Scanning system
  4. Explosive and Bomb Detection system

Concept of Mobile Response Teams (MRTs) & Roaming Patrollers (RPs)

With the view to reduce the ever increasing costs of deploying a security guard at a site especially during the Nights, APS has partnered with some Banks to execute the concept of MRTs/RPs wherein each site is visited at least Twice or Thrice during the night by a MRT or a RP, These visits are verifiable and are tacked, recorded and documented

  • Features.

    On line Tracking , Real time Alert Services, Customized Reports, Attendance, Home Page shows Total Geotagged Sites, Customers, Roaming patrol team Details , Police Station

  • Data Management

    All the Reports submitted through APS Field Officer Application can be viewed and fetched in Dashboard, for further analysis and keeping record of all parameters checked by Roaming Patrol Team.

  • Online Form Submission

    Dedicated In-App module for Roaming patrol officer- while visiting a site he checks the parameters mentioned as per the requirement, after completing the form he would submit the same which will be saved in the server and help in analyzing the Visit status at any point of time

Why Us
  • Vintage & Proven Track Record

    33 yrs old Indian Organization with Financial Stability, Operational Expertise, Innovative Work Culture & deep understanding of Indian Eco-system w.r.t. Manpower & Service Industry

  • Fully Compliant of Staturies:

    100% Compliant as per Legal & Financial Framework of India. ISO Certified Organization with operations in adherence to PSARA Norms.

  • Specialized in-house Training by ‘APS Training Academy’:

    APS Training Academy with presence in major states across India delivers PSARA Complaint Training with focus on OJT (On the Job Training), Refresher Trainings.

  • Pan India Presence:

    133 Branch Offices across India with presence in Tier 1, 2 & 3 Cities

  • Value Add-ons:

    Dedicated Key Account Managers, Customized Reports, Periodic Audits & Trainings, Optimum Hierarchy with Customized Escalation Matrix, 24/7 Helpdesk

  • Technologically Driven::

    ERP & HRM Systems deployed across India. On-ground Operations supported by GPS enabled Monitoring Systems

  • Talent Pool of various domains with rich experience:

    The Management Team has a perfect blend of Business Leaders with vast exposure to International Operating Standards, who are driven by an entreprenuerial bent of mind